A week-long volunteer excursion to Hunan


A week-long volunteer excursion to Hunan


Easter 2018 saw over ten JC Scholars undertake a week-long volunteer excursion to Hunan, China. There, they organised educational workshops on global citizenship, environmental protection and innovation for local primary and secondary school students, while serving left-behind children. They also discussed Hong Kong educational trends with local teachers.

What motivated you to organise this volunteer excursion?

Lindy Zhang (2005) – As a JC Scholar, InnoPower@JC teacher fellow and high school teacher, I believe that education holds the key to the future – not only for students, but for society as a whole. I have dedicated myself to these volunteer excursions because I hope that, by leveraging the cross-sector skills of JC Scholars, we can leave a more enduring impact on disadvantaged schools.

Anya Szeto (2001) – As a parent, I want our children to be able to thrive in health and safety. With mounting problems caused by pollution, my goal is to begin cultivating green thinking in young students through experiential programmes. I hope our workshops gave the students an understanding of just how easy and fulfilling green living can be.

JC Scholars with local students from rural village schools in Hunan, China (2018)

What were your contributions on this volunteer excursion?

Winnie Wat (2010) – I have volunteered at the Jockey Club Make a Difference (MaD) School for many years now. It is a great privilege to contribute my professional experience and knowledge to their educational initiatives, whether in administrative, financial management or even legal matters.

Evelyn Lee (2011) – I took part in the JC Scholar Leadership Progamme at Harvard University last summer, and gained valuable insights on innovative thinking. My goal was to share these insights through our programme, because I believe that even students who live in remote regions can engage in innovative thinking by examining the world from different angles.

What are your thoughts on volunteering with other Scholars?

Natalie Fong (2011) – This was the first time we had ever organised such a programme from the ground up. I deeply admire the diverse strengths of each team member, and their willingness to devote time and energy to unravelling each challenge. The volunteer excursion was a complete success. In reaching out to help others, I myself learned many valuable lessons.

Banana Poon (2014) – As a junior member of the team, I really appreciate the efficiency and clarity of thought demonstrated by more experienced peers. I learnt a great deal during this excursion, thanks to their patient tutelage.

As a more experienced member of the team, how would you evaluate this programme?

Julius Lui (2000) – During the planning and preparation phase, I participated in a purely advisory capacity and shared opinions from my own experience, while watching the programme take shape. The team performed exceptionally well, drawing on their combined expertise to address the needs of the community and working with local educators to facilitate a lasting impact. Their achievements and their commitment to serving the community are truly admirable.