JC Scholars Receive Distinguished Awards


JC Scholars Receive Distinguished Awards

Aug 3, 2018

Three JC Scholars, Amy Chan Chi In, Collen Lee Ka Ling and Peggy Wu Hiu-nam, have recently received awards for their outstanding achievements.

Amy Chan (2014 Scholar) received PolyU’s Most Outstanding Student Award 2017. Currently a final year student majoring in English Studies for the Professions at PolyU, Amy is determined to contribute to society. Having organised and participated in various social projects, Amy noticed that many secondary school students lack opportunities to practise oral English, posing an obstacle for them to pursue further studies as tertiary education are mostly conducted in English. To address this issue, Amy started a company with a few friends with a mission to equip Hong Kong secondary students’ with the necessary skills and unleash their potential through experiential learning opportunities.

Two JC Scholars graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts also received awards. Collen Lee  (1998 Scholar) was named Women of Excellence 2018 by JESSICA magazine, in recognition of her significant contribution to her professions. In addition, Peggy Wu (2013 Scholar) received the Second Prize and the Audience Prize after entering the final round of the Birmingham International Piano Competition 2018.

Congratulations to Amy, Collen and Peggy for their outstanding achievements!