October High-Table Dinner — Learning from Failures

October High-Table Dinner — Learning from Failures

At the October JC Scholar High-Table Dinner, we were honoured to be joined by distinguished guest speaker Ms. Malina Ngai, Chief Operating Officer and board member of A.S. Watson Group. “Instead of talking about success this evening,” Malina surprised the audience as she began her speech, “I would like to talk about failures.” The evening was filled with hearty dialogues and inspirations. From a record-breaking athlete to a leader in the largest health and beauty retailer in Asia and Europe, Malina shared the difficulties confronted her as she ventured into different stages in her career. In face of adversity and disappointment, it was always her can-do spirit and ever-learning attitude that took her through, turning countless challenges into important lessons and opportunities in life. Powerful and contagious, Malina’s positive energy was deeply felt by everyone. Malina believed that great leadership starts from within, and encouraged the scholars to make a difference by “Stop wishing. Start doing”.


Words from participating JC Scholars

“I really appreciate and benefited from the new perspectives Malina brought on coping with adversity and self-learning. The message was very powerful, and especially beneficial to the younger generation who are often sheltered from adversity by their parents and unmotivated to step out of their comfort zone and go the extra mile to learn new things.” 

“I was deeply impressed by how Malina always tries to make a difference, and turns negatives into positives.” 

Malina shares her inspiring stories with JC Scholars

Malina shares her secrets to self-leadership

Malina and JC Scholars