Making Passion a Career in The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Making Passion a Career in The Hong Kong Jockey Club

We are pleased to welcome a new joiner in Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust (the Trust) – Holing Yip (2016 Scholar).

As one of the first JC Overseas Graduate Scholars, Holing returned to Hong Kong after completing her Master’s degree in Education Policy and Management from Harvard University.

Let us hear from Holing why she took this opportunity the next step in her career, and how it contributes to her philanthropic aspiration.


Why did you join the Trust?

I first became interested in a career in philanthropy during graduate school, where a professor invited a foundation leader to speak about the unique position philanthropic organisations have in facilitating learning and collaboration across organisations, supporting innovation, and shaping priorities in the third sector.


I was excited about working with and learning from a broad range of social innovators, and when I learned that the Trust was looking for people to join their team, I knew it was a good opportunity for me.

What is your role?

I joined JC as a Charities Support Manager this fall, and as part of the Grant Making Team, I get to work on a wide myriad of projects related to youth and education. In my role, I help partner organisations articulate their vision, passion and hard work, with the goal of helping them develop their ideas into successfully funded projects.


I am passionate about helping organisations become more effective, particularly through creating data inquiry cycles for continual improvement, incorporating diversified voices, and building capacity through learning communities. It has been exciting to see so much of the above happening in our work with partners.

What is your advice for someone considering to pursue a career in philanthropy?

There is no obvious career trajectory in the third sector, and trying to find your own path among the sea of opportunities and possibilities can be overwhelming.


A mentor in graduate school once gave me good advice. He reminded me that figuring out your career interests and direction is no easy feat, and we should treat it as seriously and with as much open curiosity as we would any other research project.


I took the time to formulate research questions, collect data, analyse and summarise findings, and it helped me refine my priorities and articulate my passion and aspiration.