November High-Table Dinner — Grit for Change

November High-Table Dinner — Grit for Change

The 2018 High Table-Dinner series concluded on a high note in November, featuring Dr. Ko Wing Man, former Secretary for Food and Health of Hong Kong SAR.

Also the former key member in the Hospital Authority since its inception in 1991, Dr. Ko has been a driving force for many of the revolutionary developments in the city’s healthcare system.

His vision for the community and the ability to drive changes inspired the JC Scholars to have the courage to challenge the status quo, perseverance to pursue what they believe and the passion to be a constructive force to move the community forward.


Words from participating JC Scholars

“Dr. Ko’s sharing of his journey of hope, care and hard work has strengthened my belief that we could always find ways to serve the society, from people and community just next to us, to the broader society and even the world.”

“The sharing has broadened my scope of reflection, allowing me to analyse social issues from different perspectives in the future.”

“It was a genuine sharing about Dr Ko’s life, medical insights and positive attitude. His character is truly admirable, and inspired me to rethink my way of living in life.”

Dr. Ko shares his views with JC Scholars

Dr. Ko and JC Scholars