April High-Table Dinner – Humanity in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

April High-Table Dinner – Humanity in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Our April JC Scholar High-Table Dinner welcomed Prof. Joseph Sung, an influential medical expert and educator, who unveiled to the audience the growing impact of artificial intelligence in all walks of life – especially in the medical realm – and aspired future leaders to keep abreast of changes.

Crowned as an “Asian Hero” by the Time Magazine for his leadership in the fight against SARS in 2003, Prof. Sung has made tremendous contribution to the medical sciences and academic development globally by publishing over 1,000 articles in leading journals. He shared with the JC Scholars his latest observations on artificial intelligence being a two-way sword, and provoked thoughts about the irreplaceable values of humanity. The audience resonated with the “5Cs” he regarded unique for human beings, namely “critical thinking”, “collaborative spirit”, “communication skills”, “confidence in oneself” and  “compassion for others”, and were motivated to be future leaders in their profession balancing technology and human touch.

Words from participating JC Scholars

It was such a precious opportunity to meet Prof. Sung and talk to him. The trend of AI is definitely inevitable but the most important thing is how we adjust ourselves to adapt to it and be aware of the opportunities and risks it brings along. Having Prof. Sung in our healthcare and education system is a true blessing.

One of the powerful lines Prof. Sung mentioned was that doctors should treat the patients as a whole but not solely their symptoms. As I enter the workforce as a social worker in the future, I will always remember to stand in the shoes of my clients, understand their needs and provide holistic care for them.

Prof. Sung inspired me to have the courage to change and to embrace the qualities of humanity when facing uncertainties in the generations to come.

Prof. Sung greets JC Scholars before dinner


Prof. Sung and JC Scholars group photo