May High-Table Dinner – Success in the Digital World

May High-Table Dinner – Success in the Digital World

Our May JC Scholar High-Table Dinner invited Mr Ralph SZETO, one of the industry leaders in digital marketing, to speak on the latest social media landscape and shed some light on how rising leaders could strategically leverage on that in their entrepreneurial journey.

Co-founded the Hong Kong-based digital marketing consultancy firm, the CMRS Group, Mr Szeto has developed for his company a star-studded clientele list with award-winning campaigns. He shared that among all principles of effective social media communication, engaging customers via active and continuous communications is of utmost importance as only through interactions could the bonding and trust be strengthened. He also encouraged the audience to embrace changes in the ever-changing world, and seize every opportunity to grow and evolve over time.

Words from participating JC Scholars

Mr Szeto’s sharing is lively and insightful. I am immensely passionate about social media marketing and is always keen to learn from industry practitioners especially about its landscape in Hong Kong.

I especially enjoy Mr Szeto’s sharing on his entrepreneurial journey as well as how we could be true to ourselves. I look forward to attending his seminars in the future if possible!

Mr Szeto shares with JC Scholars his entrepreneurial journey


Mr Szeto and JC Scholars group photo