June High-Table Dinner – Leadership led by Curiosity

June High-Table Dinner – Leadership led by Curiosity

Our June JC Scholar High-Table Dinner invited Mr Simon Cheung, who is overseeing the regional business operation and market strategies of the Lee Kum Kee International Holdings Ltd., to speak from his personal journey the essence and challenges of corporate leaders.

Mr Cheung climbed up the leadership ladder swiftly in Lee Kum Kee, and before joining the 130-year-old reputable brand, he took the sales volume of Carlsberg Hong Kong Limited to the number one position in Hong Kong and Macau with a brief one-year stay. According to him, curiosity is the secret behind effective leadership. Curious leaders are positive, persuasive, visionary, compassionate, and most importantly, adaptive to emerging environment and company cultures with fluid leadership styles.

Words from participating JC Scholars

I was glad to be reminded by Mr Cheung to stay curious in life as a way to discover new knowledge and inspire myself through self-initiated learning.

Mr Cheung listened to our diverse responses and shared his critical thoughts. I did not only gain a better insight into leadership in the practical setting, but also other “life hacks” of how to be a good person with passion and curiosity in the world.

Mr Cheung’s sharing has motivated me to be a leader in my own style. As a leader, we also need to facilitate ourselves with various capabilities to cope with variables and challenges.

Mr Cheung engages in an in-depth dialogue with JC Scholars on effective leadership

Mr Cheung and JC Scholars group photo