September High-Table Dinner – A New Lens for Positive Social Impact

September High-Table Dinner – A New Lens for Positive Social Impact

Our September JC Scholar High Table Dinner featured Ms Ruby Yang, Academy Award winner known for directing The Blood of Yingzhou District and My Voice, My Life, to share her passion speaking for the less advantaged via documentaries.

Ms Yang believes that documentaries are powerful in bringing out the truth, creating resonance with the audience and causing wider social impact.

She gives insightful critique of social problems like public health issues and discrimination with her camera.

In 2003, she raised awareness about HIV/AIDS in China with The Blood of Yingzhou District, which later won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject.

Later in 2013, she produced My Voice, My Life to showcase a group of Hong Kong youngsters undergoing vigorous training to produce a musical.

The evening was filled with inspiring behind-the-scene stories and invigorating thoughts on making the society a better place.

Words from participating JC Scholars

Ms Yang uses her lens to capture scenes of everyday life which seem to be ordinary but often overlooked. I hope that the sense of humanity upheld in her documentaries would continue to make a greater impact and call for more attention on the neglected and their stories.

Ms Yang put lots of efforts on youth and her sharing is very inspiring and encouraging. As a teacher, I always think of how I can motivate my students from underprivileged families and empower them as they experience failure. Ms Yang’s sharing convinced me of my belief that every student has his/her own talents. We should encourage them to further explore and develop themselves.


Ms Yang introducing the documentaries to JC Scholars.

Ms Yang sharing thoughts with JC Scholars.