October High Table Dinner – Building Solutions with Innovation

October High Table Dinner – Building Solutions with Innovation

Our High Table Dinner in October featured Mr James Law JP, Founder of architecture design firm Cybertecture, who shared his wisdom on how innovation in architecture would bring positive impacts to the community.

Mr Law was the mastermind behind a number of non-conventional architectural projects in Asia as well as the city’s OPod Concrete Tube Housing, a low-cost micro-housing solution utilising concrete water pipes to build apartments for one to two persons. With his first project launched in To Kwa Wan neighbourhood, he envisioned that housing can be more affordable and available to all people in the long run.

The attending JC Scholars were astonished by the creativity and persistence of Mr Law in making changes for social good. His bold statements and compassionate solutions for the needs in the city also motivated JC Scholars to live out their purpose in their profession.


Words from participating JC Scholars

The creativity, vision and inventiveness of Mr Law certainly laid out an inspirational model. I am particularly impressed by his belief that things could only be made possible if we dare to take the first step, and that we may reap results beyond our imagination if we try.

I am thankful to Mr Law for his very generous and candid sharing on his life experiences as well as the solutions he brings to the housing issue Hong Kong. I was most inspired by his drive to live up to his compassion for society through innovation.

Thanks to the inspiration – I hope to find a connection between working in my profession and contributing to society.


Mr Law sharing his thoughts with JC Scholars

Mr Law interacting with JC Scholars

Mr Law and JC Scholars