November High Table Dinner – The Art of Asking

November High Table Dinner – The Art of Asking

Our High Table Dinner in November featured Mr Jeremy Woodall, Director of Development, Asia, University of Oxford China Office Limited, who shared the art of asking as an important quality for leaders to succeed.

Drawing on his 20 years of experience in educational advancement and fundraising, Mr Woodall believed that asking the right questions in the right place at the right time was critical, and that required practice.

While many may experience unease when asking questions, Mr Woodall invited the participants to join him in practicing simple exercises which help relieve stress and give an immediate boost to one’s confidence.

An experienced and passionate educator, Mr Woodall also shared thoughtful advices with participants on education, talent development and beyond.


Words from participating JC Scholars

The energy and passion Mr Woodall had on education being the medium to bring forth changes in students were remarkable. His saying that he would rather give up an opportunity than to take up a wrong one that will dilute one’s original mission is thought-provoking.

I am all grateful for Mr Woodall’s insightful speech and patience in answering our questions. It meant a great deal to me when he encouraged me to be bold when I enquired about the research opportunities.

As a final-year undergraduate, I will gladly keep in mind the tips Mr Woodall shared with us as I step into the business of asking. When adrenaline rush catches up with me next time, I will put the stretching exercise into good use. 

Mr Woodall sharing advice with JC Scholars

Mr Woodall teaching JC Scholars stress-relief exercise.

Mr Woodall with JC Scholars.

Group photo of all participants.