Community Leaders Sharing—Becoming a caring leader

Community Leaders Sharing—Becoming a caring leader

Dr Lee Ho Yin, Associate Professor of Architecture Conservation of The University of Hong, shared his valuable life experience with Scholars in Tai Kwun.

As co-founder of the Architectural Conservation Programmes of The University of Hong Kong, Dr Lee currently serves as the Non-Executive Director of the Urban Renewal Authority Board of Directors. He has been appointed as an expert advisor by various Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas government agencies for conservation projects and was credited for his advisory role in three UNESCO award-winning conservation projects, namely the Blue House Cluster, the Mills and Tai Kwun.

Apart from sharing his insights on heritage conservation and revitalization, Dr Lee also revealed his stories in military service. Receiving education and military training in Singapore, Dr Lee had been a team leader of the Combat Tracker Team of the Singapore Army. He inspired JC Scholars to become a caring leaders with his captivating life experience.


Words from participating JC Scholars

Dr Lee is so down-to-earth and sincere. He shared his thoughts freely and passionately.

His commitment to conservation and belief in the goodness of human nature shines through his stories and anecdotes.