Community Leaders Online Sharing session ­­—Ability to Overcome Adversity

Community Leaders Online Sharing session ­­—Ability to Overcome Adversity

The first Community Leaders Online Sharing session in 2022 featured Ms Vivian Kong Man Wai, Épée fencer and 2016 & 2020 Hong Kong Olympian, who shared her experiences as an athlete with our JC Scholars.


In 2019, Ms Kong won the FIE Women’s Épée World Cup in Havana and Cuba, which made her became the first Hong Kong fencer to win a World Cup title and gained the world number one ranking in women’s Épée. Vivian received the Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Person Award 2021 to recognise her achievements.


She shared with JC Scholars the ups and downs as an athlete, and how she overcomes failures and obstacles. Her determination to pursue her dreams inspired JC Scholars to stay positive and be persistent in the face of challenges. JC Scholars were also motivated to pursuit self-improvement endlessly.


Words from participating JC Scholars

Thank you Ms Kong for the impactful sharing – her persistence in life, no matter sports or mental health or her passion in education, is inspiring!

Ms Kong is a very optimistic and bright person. I’m proud of her and I really appreciate her humbleness. She will surely become my role model to learn how to keep a positive mind despite setbacks.

I was deeply touched by her smile, positivity, attitude towards life, and caring for society. She motivated me to be a better me.